Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Employees, Customers, Investors - Who is who?

This is the era of startups. Like we had the dot com boom, we have the app startups. They mushroom in web space or app space and grow into multi million, multi billion companies. They get seed finding, angel funding, funding from bigger conglomerates, they go public and becomes another "regular" company there after. From the ideation phase to the phase which ever it reach, does all these companies keep their initial motto in tact? Or do they loose them in between? Do they sacrifice some of them during the course of becoming a bigger company? Do they treat the customers/users the same as they did when they started? Or do they use all kind of data mining on the customers/users buy patterns and use it for theirs or some other business' benefit? As netizens aren't our clicks tracked?  Well, all these can be discussed for long.

What made me write this is the news that Nevzat Aydin shared his fortune with his team. Very few people has done this before. Let there be more.

Employees, Customers, Investors - Who is who?

Customers: "Customer is King" goes the line. Obviously no business can flourish without a loyal customer base. If customers are dissatisfied, they keep away and the business collapses. So customers are always pampered by businesses. They get loyalty bonus, they get offers, etc etc.

Investors: A company grows with the investment and business it receives. Investors thus become a need for the company to survive. Investors are one of the main decision making group in a company. The more they invest the more controlling power they get. So businesses are soft towards investors. Otherwise the fate will be of the CEO of one of the startups, which made headlines these days. In simple terms he was ousted because of his attitude towards the investors.

Employees: Employees work for salary, for bonus, for benefits. Sure. They have their contracts with the employer. Legally, they are not entitled to get something like Nevzat Aydin's employees received. Considering as a group, the employees play an equivalent role along with customers and investors in the making(or sometimes collapse) of a company. Except in few companies/organizations, they are the least pampered. How many companies give a special rise to an employee when there is an addition in the family? I pause here and leave the rest for your thought.